Xbox One S All-Digital Edition

New Xbox-Console - Facts & Release-Date

 Here we go! The new Xbox!

Larry Hyrb aka Mayor Nelson introduced the new Xbox console yesterday.

The rumors of the last weeks are true and even the name was correctly suspected.

 Technical specifications

The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition is a state-of-the-art console which features Full HD resolution for gaming and even UHD resolution (4k) for movies and series brought to you by streaming providers such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

A white Xbox One Wireless Controller is delivered in addition to the white console itself.

Game Goodies
The new Xbox is released with 3 games included. They are pre-installed and ready to play.

In detail these are:

  • Sea of ​​Thieves
  • Forza Horizon 3
  • Minecraft

There is also a one-month Xbox Live GOLD code so games can be played online.

Only difference to the Xbox One S
This version of the Xbox has no optical drive.
It comes by standard with a 1TB hard drive.

Selling price
By removing the BluRay drive, Microsoft could reduce the production costs which is reducing the selling price by $ 50 or equal 50 €. Instead of the previous version for $ 299 this console will be available for about $ 249.

 For whom is the console interesting?

The majority of Xbox users are now buying their games digitally through third party vendors or the Xbox Store.

For many people is buying physical discs like DVD or BluRay no longer attractive, caused by streaming providers like Amazon Prime or Netflix. Here the Xbox scores because it can play movies and series in UHD.

If you watch your movies and TV series through streaming services, buy games digitally and solve everything else via your NAS or Cloud-Service and occasionally use a USB stick, you can buy the new console without any hesitation.

 Who should not invest?

Anyone who is watching his DVDs and BluRays via console and would like to continue to do so should not buy this console.

This also applies to gamers who buy their games on physical discs or grab cheap used game-CDs, -DVDs and -Blu-rays on ebay or elsewhere. These can not be used with the new console.

Removing the drive effectively forces gamers to buy games through the Xbox Store or to get game codes for their Xbox by third-party dealers.


Anyone who still owns an old Xbox One and doen’t use the optical drive should think about investing in the new Xbox One S All-Digital Edition. Especially compared by saving energy: The One S has reduced power consumption and helps you saving money and saving enviroment.

For owners of the current Xbox One S there are no logical reasons to change anything. But if you’re thinking about buying a Xbox One X then you should be patient.

In June, the world’s largest gaming-event “E3” begins and there are rumors of a presentation a new Xbox generation.

If you only own digital games or use the subscription service “Xbox Game Pass” and just stream movies and tv-series - you can invest without hesitation in the new All-Digital Edition!

 Publication and availability

The console will be available from Tuesday, May 07, 2019.

You can buy the console at BestBuy, Walmart and others as well over internet by amazon or directly in the Xbox-Store.

You can pre-order right now!

This Link takes you to the offer:


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