MudRunner 2

Das Spiel hat einen neuen Namen bekommen und heißt nun “SnowRunner”. Alle Infos, News und den Veröffentlichungstermin findet ihr hier!

Finally the time has come ...

It’s real: “MudRunner 2” will be released this year!

There will be a lot of innovations, but the developers tried to hide as much as possible .... until now!

About two weeks ago, a press conference was given by the developers and the first details of the game were announced! Of course, we do not want to deprive you of anything and reveal everything that we have been able to detect so far!

1. The game gets a new HUD. The OSDs are finally state-of-the-art and provide an overview of the most important things.

  • The fuel and damage reports can be found below left
  • Loading information is noted at the top left
  • At the top right the orders are displayed
  • Below right you can see the activity status of differential lock, all-wheel drive and handbrake, as well as the gearbox.
MudRunner2-HUD 4

2. The vehicles will obviously allow more individualism than it was previously the case. You could only choose your vehicle in MudRunner, you now have the choice of different paint finishes and be able to upgrade things, that will affect the game. Details were not mentioned here yet.

At least the garage got a completely new look.

3. Not only logs are being transported anymore! There are barrels, pipes and other cargoes to be transported from A to B.

4. There will most likely be maps of snow and ice. The screenshots look very promising!

5. American flair seems to determine the fleet. So far, there were no Russian vehicles and landscapes.

There has not been a release date yet - but it’s definitely going to hit the market in 2019, for PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

To sweeten the wait, the developers have announced a third, free DLC for MudRunner. On the 30th of April the time has come - then the “Old-Timer” -DLC will be released for all platforms!

MudRunner 2 7


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