Mud Runner 2 | Snow Runner

Reveal-Trailer presented at GamesCom

Finally, there are new informations about the next version of “Mud Runner: A Spintires Game”.

Saber Interactive announced the successor of the popular off-road simulator last year and named it “Mud Runner 2”.

At GamesCom 2019 they published the reveal-trailer for “Snow Runner”, which is the official title of the new game.

Revealed Informations

Saber Interactive and Focus Entertainment are still holding back with precise statements.

So far they revealed the following informations:

  • a multiplayer mode for up to 4 players has been confirmed
  • in addition to the asphalt-, mud- and gravel-roads there will be snow and ice
  • it was announced that the maps are up to four times of the size as “Mud Runner”- maps.
  • release is planned for early 2020.

Here you can watch the Reveal trailer:


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