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GMC DW950 600 points 330 L
Attachments Fuel Semi-Trailer - Contains 3700 liters of Fuel Fuel Trailer - Contains 1600 liters...

Chevrolet Napco 3100
Alle Fahrzeuge & Details

Chevrolet Napco 3100 350 points 80 L
Attachments Bumper - Cosmetic Garage Parts - Carries 80L of Fuel and 1 garage point...

Alle Fahrzeuge & Details

E-7310 1.000 points 800 L
Attachments Fuel Cistern - Carries Fuel Garage Trailer – Trailer that carries 2 Garage...

Alle Fahrzeuge & Details

D-537 800 points 600 L
Attachments Fuel Semitrailer – Trailer that carries Fuel Garage Parts – Carries 2 Garage Parts...

Alle Fahrzeuge & Details

K-700 600 points 340 L
Attachments Front-Loader Short Log Trailer – Carries Short Logs Utility Trailer – Carries 600l...

Alle Fahrzeuge & Details

C-255 600 points 330 L
Attachments Fuel Cistern – Carries 1400l Fuel Fuel Trailer - Carries 1600l Fuel Fuel Semitrailer...

Alle Fahrzeuge & Details

C-65111 600 points 350 L
Attachments Fuel Cistern - 1400L Fuel Fuel Trailer - 1600L Fuel Fuel Semi-Trailer - 3700L Fuel...

Alle Fahrzeuge & Details

C-4310 600 points 260 L
Attachments Crane Support – Allows Crane Installation Fireproof Exhaust – Allows vehicle to carry...

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Alle Fahrzeuge & Details