We push DOOM 2 from 1994 to 2019

Including all Tools and Mods
Important information in advance

This article refers to the game “DOOM 2” by id software, but can also be applied to “DOOM”, “Ultimate DOOM” and “Final DOOM”. The games “Heretic” and “Hexen” also use the DOOM2-engine and can be upgraded as described here.
In this case, make sure that you may need a different version of the additional files (Sound, FX, ...).

About the downloads

We have summarized the required files for you at the end of the article. All required files are A) available as direct-download via our server (it’s Google Drive), B) as a complete package in one file (also via Google Drive) and C) as a link to the developers website.

About the game

DOOM 2 appeared in 1994 for PC and became a phenomenon. Everyone knew the first-person shooter within a very short time. Meanwhile, 25 years have passed and practically every player knows DOOM.

After the success of the first part, which already appeared in December 1993, the series continued after the second part of the title in 1996 with FINAL DOOM and received in 2004 with DOOM 3 another official successor.

The last DOOM title was released in 2016 and is available for PC and for all common consoles.

Doom II: Hell on Earth
Kategorie: Ego-Shooter
Release: 2010-05-26
Gamerscore: 200G
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Entwickler: id Software

Xbox One X Enh.


Xbox Game Pass für Konsole
Xbox Game Pass für PC





Couch-Koop (2-4 Spieler)
lokaler Multiplayer (2-4 Spieler)


XBOX 360

The future begins now!

On November 22, 2019 the latest installment of the saga will be released, called “DOOM ETERNAL”.
You find the trailer here:

Teleport to the 90s!

But back to DOOM2 - and the now considered pixelated graphics and the minimalistic sounds.

We bought DOOM 2 on STEAM and want to show you the classic look and how it catapults us back to the mid-90s!


But there are gamers who do more than playing games. One of them is our hero, because he transferred the game to the actual generation. Let us start with getting “Zandronum”!

The installation is easy:
1. Download the ZIP file
2. Unpack the content into a new directory

Next, we need to find the location of DOOM 2 to copy the WAD file to the Zandronum folder.

As said before, we bought DOOM 2 on Steam and therefore we first need to find the folder with the game.

The quickest way is starting “Steam”
1. Click on “Steam” in the menu bar and then select “Settings”

2. Select “Downloads” and then click the button “Steam Library Folder”

3. There you see the installation-path of all your downloaded Steam games.

Open your file explorer and open the path that was displayed in Steam.
As an example, we use the path from the screenshot above:

E:\spiele\SteamLibrary\</ code>

There we find the folder \steamapps which contains further subfolders. The complete and direct path to the WAD-file of DOOM2 is:

<code>E:\spiele\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Doom 2\base

Now simply paste the DOOM2.WAD and paste it into the previously created folder, so that the WAD file is in the same folder as the Zandronum application.

If you want to start a test, you can simply run the zandronum.exe file. Remember to adjust the graphics settings and increase the resolution after the game starts.

In this video you will already see minor changes from the original. Most notable is the higher resolution and controller support.

Background music & sound effects

Now we download more extensions. First, we’ll start with a completely new arranged version of the background music, and we’ll be swapping the sound effects library for better, higher-quality sounds.

After downloading the two ZIP files, you can also unpack them and copy the content to the directory, which already contains the DOOM2.WAD and Zandronum.

To start this revised version, either a batch file or shortcut (on the desktop, in a separately existing games folder or in the current directory) must be created.

The command line:
start zandronum.exe -file doommetalvol5.wad -file pk_doom_sfx_20120224.wad
Remove the “start” from the line, if you use Windows-Shortcuts.

And this is how it looks - and above all: how it sounds!
The sound effects, however, remain the same as before. These are only active through the upcoming mod. But at first wie present the first level with the new soundtrack!


Finally, we give the game a new lease of life, we’ll download and embedding the “BRUTAL DOOM 2.1” extension. That’s very easy, too.

We just copy the content of the ZIP file into the Zandronum folder and edit the shortcut or batch file as follows:
start zandronum.exe -file doommetalvol5.wad -file pk_doom_sfx_20120224.wad -file brutalv21.pk3

Playing DOOM 2 now gives us a whole new experience. We can setup the graphic settings once again and push the resolution further up. The result is impressive:

All-In-One Package

We know that not everyone has the time or the expertise to try follow the descripted instructions.

That’s why we offer you a download package with all tools.
Only the WAD file for DOOM is not included, because it’s copyright-content. However, the tools and extensions are Creative Commons and can be offered.

Just download the file “All-in-One-Pack” and unpack it into a folder of your choice. Then copy the WAD file from your DOOM into the folder and you’re ready to go.

Do not forget that you still have to set-up the graphic settings, because they are created separately for each user.

We can save you a some time!
After the first start of Zandronum, an individual configuration file is created. It’s name begins with “zandronum-” and ends with the windows username. If your username is “Thor” on Windows, the game creates the file “zandronum-thor.ini”.

Our configuration in the package is called “zandronum-papan.ini”.

So start the game once. After quitting the game, you can either replace the contents of your INI file with our content (save the original first!) or simply rename your file (eg. to “zandronum-myConfig.ini”) and give ours the name of yours.

Next time you start Zandronum, our settings will be used.
If there are unexpected problems or no picture is displayed (it’s possible, that the monitor switch off), then simply end the game with ALT+F4 (the monitor will switch on again).

In this case, unfortunately, you have to check out the settings by yourself.

Have fun playing! Who asks for our opinion: It was worth it and puts us back to the 90s!

If you want to play multiplayer, you can use DOOMSEEKER and build your own server or participate in hosted games. All Modes are available: Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and playing the Story Mode in Coop!

DOOM 2 (Original) - Download (Steam)
Zandronum - Download
Brutal Doom 2.1 - Download
DOOM Metal Vol.5 (Soundtrack) - Download
DOOM HQ-SFX - Download
DOOMseeker - Download

 Download from our Servers

Zandronum 4 MB Download
Brutal Doom 2.1 77 MB Download
DOOM Metal Vol.5 (Soundtrack) 143 MB Download
DOOM HQ-SFX 2 MB Download
DOOMseeker 11 MB Download

 The complete Package

All-in-One-Pack 236 MB Download


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