Games for Everyone!!

We love video games! And we’re all happy, if we can get a game for a really good price.

To find such offers there are several websites that help you to find them!

To make searching easier, we have created a list of games here.

All games are

  • free
  • fully playable (no demo)
  • unlimited playable (once you’ve bought it, it’s yours)

Unlike demos, which are mostly time-limited or only provide a few missions or level, each of these games are full version with no restrictions or limitations.

The game is yours. It’s still yours after the free offer expires.

Prerequisite: You have to BUY the game while it’s FREE. It will be linked to your profile and displayed in your games-list.

You can delete it from the console - but also download it anytime and play it. Just like any full-price game.

To make the overview a little easier, we splited the list in 3 parts.

1. special offers
2. Free2Play
3. Free Extensions

The Store-Link redirects you to the detail page of the game! You don’t buy it directly. So you can check out first the description, screenshots and reviews of the game.


Here you find games that are usually chargeable and available for free for a limited time in the store.

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Free-to-play games are always free. The Developer earns money through in-game purchases (ie, paidment for additional content that can be purchased in-game or through the store).

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There are occasional free upgrades for both free and paid games. Whether it was published as a Holiday Gift, Anniversary DLC or just like that. Some of the DLC will disappear from the store after some time, others will get priced again and some are and remain free. Now and then you can read this in the description - usually it remains a mystery.

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GSL Insider-Tipp


GSL Insider-Tip

If you don’t own a Xbox console yet, you can still buy the games. Register for an Xbox account (eg here) and unlock the free games. If you buy a Xbox in future, you already have some games in your collection.


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